Officials at the CorrectionsCenter of northwest Ohio are taking a hard look at the future of the work release program at the regional jail.   The issues are a declining number of participants, rising costs, and technological advancements in GPS supervision.  In past years, work release numbers averaged between 75 and 80 per day.  But that number is now down to 7.   CCNO dedicates so many beds for work release inmates, which can now be utilized elsewhere.     Two area judges voiced opposition to closing the work release program.


A late payment fee for jurisdictions that utilize the regional jail beds will be implemented, at $500 per day.


Another study looked at average time of stay for inmates at CCNO.  DefianceCounty inmates averaged 12 days per stay; while Henry and WilliamsCounty detainees usually stayed 10 days, and FultonCounty was at 6 days per stay.


The current population at the northwest Ohio regional jail stands at 517, which is 81% of capacity.   Recent numbers are among the lowest in history for the facility.