The first-week numbers are in for the ‘coming alive’ exercise challenge in HenryCounty.   Checking the leaders by size of work group, Deshler Family Practice had the top exercising group in sites with 2 to 5 employees, where Diana Ohlrich is coordinator.


The top slot for employee groups with 6 to 10 staff members was the Henry County Auditor’s office, led by Jeanne Gerdeman.


Taking first place among worksites with 11 to 25 employees is Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, with Judy Damman coordinator.


            The #1 worksite for exercise groups from 26 to 100 employees is Holgate Elementary, coordinated by Deb Burkhart.


And in employee groups of 100 or more, Golden Living Center Northcrest paced HenryCounty in week 1 of the exercise challenge, led by Roberta Koeller and Nancy Chickering.


The #1 community group on the board in week 1 was the Bridge Walkers, with Bev Koenig as coordinator.


And the top 5th grade exercise group in the coming alive challenge was the St. Augustin ‘angel wings’ under the direction of Megan Fitzpatrick.