It’s hard to determine the impact of LucasCounty pulling out of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.  Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada reported to the CCNO board, that LucasCounty was looking to build their own jail, and had 4 sites in-mind, with construction set to get underway in 8 months.


At present, LucasCounty takes-up about 31% of the total beds at the regional jail.   If those inmates move to a LucasCounty facility, there would be a significant loss of revenue for the commission.   But other points were brought-up at the meeting- With more jail space to place inmates, LucasCounty might be more aggressive in going after the suspects that are free on outstanding warrants.            The move might also mean more suspects from LucasCounty will be sentenced for offenses, and could still end-up at the regional jail.                      Another wild-card in the discussion is what the city of Toledo would do.   At present, they are a member of the CCNO group.   But would they look at putting inmates in the LucasCounty facility, due to big savings in transportation costs?    These are all questions to be answered in the years ahead.


The latest figures from CCNO indicate a population of 544 this week, which is 85% of capacity.    And a recent accreditation inspection revealed the northwest Ohio regional jail had one of the highest ratings of any facility in the state.