It was contract night for Deshler village council, as they nailed-down safety service agreements with nearby townships at their meeting. A contract for police protection for Bartlow Township was approved at $2,500, the same as last year.   A new contract for fire protection was approved with Richfield Township at $7,440 for the year, and that figure is $14,260 for Bartlow Township, in a renewal.

            A new levy will be going on the ballot for residents of Deshler, as council seeks funding to help pay for police protection for the community. The 2.1 mill additional levy will go on the ballot in May, and is for a five-year period. Deshler Police has one full-time officer, and the rest of the staff is built with part-time personnel.

                        Deshler Council hosted the second and final public hearing on a request for a community development block Grant of a half-million dollars. The money would help pay for a third lagoon needed at the wastewater facility.

And residents in Deshler are reminded to keep the area around fire hydrants clear of snow, in order to help fire-fighters as they arrive on the scene.