The Henry County Commissioners have committed funds for the 2ndMaumee RiverBridge project.   Meeting as the Transportation Improvement District, a grant of $250,000 will be applied for through the Ohio Department of Transportation.     A second bridge over the Maumee River in Napoleon is estimated at 10-million dollars.                          Commissioners have also approved the establishment of two funds, to help pay for future projects.  $100,000 was set aside from the general fund for a bridge construction and maintenance capital projects fund.   Another $300,000 was established for a building maintenance capital project fund, coming from the HenryCounty general fund.


The HenryCounty board approved an agreement with consultants from Mannick and Smith, to perform 3 out of the 5 tasks required for work on the wetlands delineation for the new water treatment plant project.  That agreement would pay the consultants $13,900.       Another $4,000 would go to financial consultants to advise on issuing notes for the water treatment plant construction.


And the bid for the road improvement program in HenryCounty for this year was approved for Gerken Asphalt Paving of Napoleon at just over $437,000.  That’s about $27,000 under the engineer’s estimate, and will cover improvements on two county roads this summer.