With the price tag to whittle-down the village brush pile likely topping $10,000; LibertyCenter council has closed that service to the community.  That move was made Tuesday night at the council meeting.


Revenues from the village income tax are running higher than expected in LibertyCenter; which is providing more funding for the township, village, and economic development authority.   That allocation is 40% for both the village and township, and 20% for the JEDD.


            The road closure on state route 109 south of LibertyCenter has forced a number of trucks on alternative streets in the village.  Residents are warned to be watchful for the bigger units in town.


The village administration is considering options for transportation in a survey being filled-out.   That includes the possibility of bike paths.


                        And LibertyCenter officials are considering their options to obtain water for the community.   Napoleon has supplied the village for the past 40 years or so, including 34 million gallons of water last year alone.  But LibertyCenter is also considering their own wells in the aquifer discovered near Neapolis.   There is also potential in drawing water from Delta, McClure, and Southern Henry County.