The Napoleon Area School Board of education locked-in teachers, and approved a lease agreement for computers during their Wednesday session.  The new teachers include Lindsey Steele in high school math, and Katie Frey in high school language arts.   They replace retiring teachers Mary Shook and Beverly Nelson.          Four bus drivers were also approved by the Napoleon Board, including Dave Flory, Tracy Lickly, Rose Mathena, and Peggy Snyder.                                    The Napoleon board accepted the resignation of Natasha Buehrer as cheerleader advisor, and Brandon Rosebrock as bus driver.


Supplemental coaching contracts were approved for non-teaching personnel, and all remain the same as before in varsity head positions.


                        The price for lunches in Napoleon schools will increase 5-cents this fall.          And the Napoleon school board approved a lease-purchase agreement for 350 Mac-Air computers, at a cost of $86,457, that will be provided for junior and senior students.


                        A firm was also hired to handle construction material inspection and testing during the Wednesday meeting.  That contract with TTL Associates is for just over $94,300.