The state of Ohio is making some progress on a backlog of rape kits that had gone untested around the state.  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says as of August 1st, a total of 141 law enforcement agencies in the state had submitted 8,381 rape kits that had not been tested.  The BCI labs in Ohio completed testing on over 4,400 of those rape kits; and found more than 1,600 of the results hit on DNA already in the state’s data base. 


            Those leads have now been sent back to the corresponding investigative agency for follow-up.   In CuyahogaCounty alone, 170 defendants have been arrested due to the DNA evidence from these rape kits.


            When Attorney General DeWine found there was a huge backlog of rape kits that were laying in evidence files around the state; he hired 10 additional forensic scientists to ensure the timely analysis of the data.   While those investigations were underway, another 5,500 rape kits were processed from current crimes in Ohio.