The issue of trust was pushed to the fore-front of discussion at today’s (Wed.) meeting of the HenryCounty water plant consortium, held at the Oakwood Office Complex in Napoleon.  Representatives from the city of Napoleon, Henry County Commissioners, the regional water and sewer district, along with the communities of Malinta, Florida, and LibertyCenter all had their say at the session.


Napoleon city manager Monica Irelan stated all entities had to trust each other and their decisions; before the project could move forward.   But some of the satellite communities questioned whether past expenses for Napoleon’s water plant had been passed-onto them.


A major question for the consortium to deal-with is this:  Do they want to oversee water production and distribution, or just production.   Napoleon representatives said they are two separate issues, and have separate costs for each operation.                   At present there is no agreement to construct a new water treatment plant.   The only agreement is to come together to discuss the issue.    Other questions to be answered include, who pays for the land for the previous new water plant, if they are going to rehab the current facility.   And HenryCounty had started the procedure toward alleviating the wetland designation for that property, and that could be another cost.       City Manager Irelan was asked to come-up with the cost to produce water, which will help all the entities decide if they want to continue being a part of the project.              That information should be available at the next meeting on July 8th.