(Yahoo!) - Every teenager knows this simple truth: Whatever you did two years ago is, like, so two years ago. And nobody understands this better than 16-year-old Rebecca Black, whose claim to infamy in 2011 was the viral stinker "Friday."

However, instead of hiding her head the sand forevermore regarding the embarrassing tune - or attempting to behave as if it never existed - Black engineered an unexpectedly charming attempt to make peace with her then-13-year-old self and the musical turd that she produced.

In a video on her YouTube channel posted on Black Friday (get it?), Black took it upon herself to watch "Friday" and give her commentary a full 2 and a half years later. Oh, yeah.

"This could either be the best decision of my life...or the worst," she began wryly. As soon as the clip started, Black groaned, "I'm regretting this already."

However, she gamely viewed the entire thing, joking about her appearance ("Kill that hair...I can't get over that blue eyeshadow...Can we just talk about the fact that I had a huge pimple on my cheek right when we were filming this video?") and her dance moves (or lack thereof). When the song ended, she sighed, "That was too much."

To her credit, Black did end up on a positive note. Mortifying or not, she admitted that "Friday" was a huge milestone in her young life. "As much as even I laugh at it, its not something that I regret doing," she noted. "I have gotten so many opportunities and unbelievable chances, and made so many new friends I would not have been able to without it."

Gotta get down on that!

But don't expect a "Saturday" sequel anytime soon. "I think I need to move on from days of the week," Black told Yahoo Music a while back.